Shipping and transportation is one of our main practice areas and our team has extensive experience in all aspects of the field gained over many years. We assist ship owners, underwriters, traders, brokers, forwarders, agents, seafarers on both contentious and non-contentious matters including preparation of contracts and agreements, charterparty disputes, cargo claims, recourse actions, pollution, maritime casualties, crew claims, administrative and customs investigations. Our team also specialises in all related insurance law matters providing continuous service to our clients throughout the insurance period.We keep abreast of regulatory changes informing our clients of developments that might affect their daily operations.In addition to the legal services, we are also assisting our clients in other areas of their business such as survey appointments and agency nominations using our network of reliable partners. 

As to shıp, yacht and superyacht sale and purchase, we succesfully represent our clıents ın ın every step of the transactıon and have extensıve experıence ın solvıng any last mınute hıccups or materıal ıssues and dealıng wıth complıcated structures ıncludıng back to back sales, bareboat hırıng and purchase etc.